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Updated: Jul 5, 2021

Author Leslie Dangerfield has brought Fernando The Bodega Cat to a market of young readers, offering entertainment and life lessons.

‘Fernando The Bodega Cat’ by Leslie Dangerfield is now a children’s book celebrating the diversity of New York City. Appropriate for three to eight-year-old children, Dangerfield created the main character out of inspiration from her neighborhood and her own personal family story. Full article available here

“Every New Yorker will appreciate Fernando. We have all seen bodega cats and know they are a staple in New York’s inner city culture. This is a simple yet enjoyable read targeted for Children 3 to 8 years old. It highlights neighbors, community, differences, diversity, and inclusion. All of the characteristics things that make New York City ‘a melting pot’,” said Leslie Dangerfield.

With the culture of the nation more diverse and ever-evolving, explaining the nature of different backgrounds can be a complex subject matter for children. However, relating the message to engaged children is easier when told through the eyes of a loved character. Fernando is a Bodega Cat with personality and curiosity.

“Fernando was inspired by a real-life bodega cat at my neighborhood store. I would visit the store every morning to buy breakfast and there was this black and white tuxedo cat with so much personality posed in the most outlandish positions or walking up to me for affection. I had been toying with an idea for a children’s story and this beloved cat was the perfect way to tie everything in,” finished Dangerfield.

‘Fernando The Bodega Cat’ by Leslie Dangerfield is available in e-Book, hardcover, and paperback formats on Amazon. Author Leslie Dangerfield has worked as a creative services freelancer and writer. This is her debut children’s book. She has a passion for developing story ideas based on real-life experiences and challenges, always addressing the positive elements of the human condition while writing to entertain her audiences.

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