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Innovative Financial Literacy App Launched by Father-Son Duo with Bestselling Financial Literacy Boo

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

The serial financial entrepreneur duo known as Kyng & Kyren have launched a wealth-building activity book, as well as a wealth-building flashcards app for kids, to help families create legacies and not hand-down debt. Full Yahoo News article available here

Kyng & Kyren, who are the father-son duo best known for their fun and educational videos, are inspiring families to seek out financial competency through fun products with effective application. The duo’s latest project is a revolutionary app providing financial literacy flashcards. The app, Kyng & Kyren’s Generational Wealth Building Flashcards, is available on both Google Play and the Apple App store. The app is groundbreaking because it is more engaging for children than traditional flashcards and it includes optional audio clips from Kyng and Kyren themselves.

Bristow Publishing debuted the pair’s first book titled Kyng & Kyren’s Generational Wealth Building Activity Book in December and it became an overnight bestseller on Amazon. It is the first in a series of workbooks aimed to help children develop insight on personal finances and the basic concepts of saving, investing, entrepreneurship, and more.

“Some people may say building wealth for children is too hot of a topic. Some people say the basics should be addressed first. Why not do both? The goal is to help these kids develop healthy money habits that will earn them interest on their money while keeping them interested in managing their money,” said Kyren Gibson. “This book is meant to help develop skillsets and an understanding of why money is important, how to be responsible with it, and how to create habits that will always pay off.”

When Kyren Gibson became a father he began researching generational wealth while raising his son, Kyng. He focused on nurturing his son and teaching him that work ethic is key; when paired with knowledge. The duo began to post various videos online, with one of 8-year old Kyng showcasing his deep understanding of financial terms going viral and making headlines. Kyren realized there was an opportunity to educate his community, in addition to his son, while making financial learning fun, engaging, and motivating.

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